Is Baker Mayfield The Next John Elway or Brett Favre?


By Matthew Mangibin, Staff Writer

The young rookie QB superstar, Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns, has everyone talking about him in the NFL. Some people are already comparing this rookie sensation to NFL quarterback legends, John Elway and Brett Favre. This Sunday, we will see Mayfield take on the Baltimore Ravens, who are known for beating rookie quarterbacks. But, the Ravens don’t see him as a regular rookie QB. Can Mayfield prove himself this Sunday and live up to people’s expectations?

The Mayfield era has already begun. Looking ahead of his future, the Baltimore defensive coordinator, Don “Wink” Martindale, sees the young star as a big threat. “I already told the defense this, I think Baker Mayfield is this generation’s Brett Favre or John Elway,” Martindale said. Mayfield’s vision on the field is what makes him a big threat.

It does sound too early to compare the rising star to NFL legends such as Brett Favre and John Elway, so why would people and Martindale relate him to those legends? “When he comes out there, he thinks he’s standing on top of the mountain. He’s making plays to show he’s standing on top of the mountain,” Martindale said. “This guy knows where he wants to go with the ball, and he’s very accurate. He’s got a quick release, and he’s really playing well,” he continues. A Wayne Hills student was interviewed and also related him to John Elway. “He plays with passion and with energy, yeah QBs are like that, but Baker plays like his life is on the line,” Zack Levitt.

This Sunday will be a real test for Mayfield. The game against the Ravens will prove if he’s a big shot in the league. A lot of high hopes for the rookie, let’s just see how it goes. Can we really relate him to NFL legends? Is he really the next John Elway and Brett Favre?