Startling Increase in School violence threats towards New Jersey Schools Reported



Threats of violence in schools doubled according to an NJ Advance Media 2017-18 report. The unsettling news pertaining to the suspicious statistics rose quite a few eyebrows from the students and staff of WHHS.

“I think security at school is planning to fail. If we want to truly fix the problem, we are going to need preventative measures rather than remedial solutions,” said sophomore Robert Blacha.

Mark DuBois, Student Resource Officer disagrees with Blacha and instead encourages the student body to, “find ways to form their own committee, find their own voice, and take initiative to do that and that will help them going forward in life.”

DuBois had numerous suggestions for improving school safety including school uniforms and limited off-campus lunch periods for seniors.

Several WHHS students and faculty members participated in the seventeen minute National Walkout Day on March 14, 2018 at 10:00 am to honor the Parkland shooting that killed seventeen in February of last year.  After this, the gun control debate heated to a feverish pitch.

With all the recent dangers of school shootings, it is essential not overlook the small things and take even the simplest safety measures when possible.

“Being aware of what is going on around you, like if you see a door open, make sure it is shut, or if you see something that doesn’t seem right, make sure you notify someone,” said Christina Sciacca, english teacher.  “I think if everyone is accountable for that, then it would make it a safer place,” she adds.