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2018 Community Blood Drive.

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2018 Community Blood Drive.

By Ali Redzepi and Andrew Topielski

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Very recently, a Community Blood Drive was held for students 16 years or older to donate blood in order to aid the less fortunate. About 50 units of blood were donated and 60-70 people showed up. The blood drive happens twice a school year, once in the Winter and once in the Spring. Statistically, there’s always more donations in winter than there is in Spring.

Several Hills Students talked to the Patriot Press about the Blood Drive. Senior Jenna Maguire said, “Donating blood makes me feel as if I’m giving back to my community because I know that someone out there could be dying and I could have just saved their life.” Junior and student council member Michael Ferreira explains, “As Student council members, we assist those who are donating and provide them with snacks and drinks. It’s nice to see for such a great cause and to help those in need. Sophomore Ilona Margolin commented, “To see our school come together to help others in a time of need is an amazing experience. I’m happy to be helping those who are donating blood today.”

Teachers were also involved in the blood drive. Michael Shale, a History teacher, says, “Its great to see kids donate as students because they are more likely to be lifelong donors!”

Mr. Turso, another History Teacher, is the main operator of the blood drive. He has been doing this for a whopping 17 years!  “Its the best form of giving,” says Turso. “Everyone that comes here gets pretty excited about it”. The donated blood is usually sent to the blood services based here in northern New Jersey. “In general, its a wonderful event. The kids are all up and happy,” he added.

Mr. Turso later explained that some kids get very upset when the doctors reject them from donating blood. However, a Bone Marrow Specialist provided these students with information on what they need to do to keep a proper diet in order to donate blood.

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Ali Redzepi, Staff Writer

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Andrew Topielski, Staff Writer

Andrew Topielski a senior at Wayne Hills who joined the Patriot Press in September of 2017. He is very excited to be writing for the Patriot Press. Topielski...

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2018 Community Blood Drive.