Anti-Spirit Week

By Alyssa Robbins

We’ve got no spirit!  Yes we do!  We have no spirit!  How ’bout you?

It is that time of year again, school spirit week.  And honestly, there are students that are not happy about that, since many students actually hate spirit week. The few students who actually care about spirit week flaunt it around and overdramatize the event as a way get way to rowdy.  To them, it’s an excuse to scream, yell, and run down the hallways like a crazy person without getting in trouble, since it is classified as “spirit.”

The themes that are used for each day are an interesting idea, and raising money and donating money to those who are less fortunate is a great thing. Who would have a problem with dressing up in their PJ’s for school and giving spare change in lunch, especially for a good cause?

However, the fact students use the themes as an excuse to goof off, dress inappropriately, and not follow school rules. There are students who don’t even give donations, just wanting to take take advantage of the fun of spirit week. But the fact of the matter is that spirit week isn’t truly about fun and games when it comes down to it, it’s about helping families who can’t afford to have the same luxuries that we are blessed with.

The worst part is spirit week is definitely the spirit rally, where everyone crowds into the gym to scream and act like complete buffoons. This behavior is completely inappropriate for a school environment. At this point, spirit week is turned into an unnecessary competition between the grades to see who is the “best”, instead of the true purpose of fundraising.

Overall, spirit week is just an excuse to act up and cause ruckus. The chaos that is exhibited in spirit week distracts from the true purpose of the events, to raise money. The cans and money not only go to residents in Wayne, but specifically to students in our very own school who are not fortunate enough to live the privileged lives that some students in Wayne Hills do.