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Dangerous Volcano Erupts in Hawaii

By Jenna Sundel, National News Editor

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A volcano is erupting on Hawaii’s Big Island and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Volcano Kilauea has already caused the destruction of many cars, roads, and houses, but new pockets can erupt anywhere at any time. Kilauea has been erupting since 1983, but it is now exploding, causing the lava to shoot up through the ground. Luckily there are no injuries or deaths related to the volcano, since all citizens in affected areas were evacuated. Unfortunately, it could take a while for them to return, due to the high amount of sulfur dioxide in the air as a result of the eruption. The toxic amount of this chemical could even cause acid rain, which would worsen the situation even more.

“That is so scary. I hope all Hawaiian citizens are evacuated and safe” said junior Nicole Lampariello.

Scientists are not completely sure of how the volcano starting exploding, but some predict that there was an increase in the typical amount of magma or another type of disturbance blocking the magma’s path. Not only do scientists not know the origin of this volcano, they also don’t know when it will end. However, they can tell that the Kilauea is showing signs of intensifying and it could even last for several months.

Despite the tragedy, Hawaiian residents are trying to put a positive spin on it, saying that it was the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele trying to communicate. Scientists are also trying to stay positive since witnessing and studying this eruption is a once in a lifetime experience.

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Dangerous Volcano Erupts in Hawaii