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Updated: NBA 2018 Mock Draft

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Updated: NBA 2018 Mock Draft

By Ethan Yuppa, Aaron Hook, and Jonah Carleton

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  1. Phoenix Suns- DeAndre Ayton- C- Arizona

This 7’1, 260 pound center with a 7’0 wingspan has shown resemblance to Dwight Howard with his freakish athleticism and determination on the board, as he averaged 11.6 rebounds in his lone season at Arizona. His offensive game is not yet fully polished, but Ayton has shown the ability to post up and shoot the mid-range shot with consistency. His physicality will certainly be a part of his game on the defensive side as well, as he showed the ability to be a rim protector, averaging 1.9 blocks per game in his freshman season. Ayton made his case to be the clear cut number one overall pick this season, and he certainly deserves it. Many NBA Analysts and Experts predict that Ayton will be a star in the league.


  • Memphis Grizzlies- Luka Doncic- G- Real Madrid


A 19-year-old that is currently playing for Real Madrid in Spain, has impressed scouts for over a year now. His ability to put the ball in the basket from anywhere on the floor is tremendous, whether it’s driving down the lane and finishing through contact, shooting mid-range pull-ups off screens, or shooting 28-foot bombs with ease, Doncic is a natural scorer. He also shows the ability to be a combo guard and play the 1, averaging 4.6 assists this season. Doncic averaged 5.4 rebounds this season as well, showing he crashes the boards more than average guards. The potential he has is tremendous.


  • Dallas Mavericks- Marvin Bagley III – F- Duke


Bagley is a gifted athletic scorer who has yet to show any weaknesses to scouts. His defensive potential has been slightly questioned, due to his Duke team having two 7 footers on the team which caused mismatches for quicker forwards. He is injury prone, missing 10+ games throughout the season. He has the upside of a player like Karl-Anthony Towns coming out of college. Many sources think he has the potential to be a superstar and an above average forward at the least.



  • Atlanta Hawks- Jaren Jackson Jr. – C- Michigan State


Jackson was a huge part of Michigan State’s success this season, as he complimented fellow Spartan Miles Bridges as an elite rim protector and rebounder. Jackson averaged 11 points a game and about 6 rebounds per game, and he could definitely be a double-double type of guy in the NBA. His true potential comes as a shot blocker, as he averaged 3 blocks a game this past season, putting him 7th in college basketball in terms of blocked shots per game. Keep in mind, Jackson played just 21 minutes per game this season, so if he had played more minutes, his stats probably would have inflated even more. Jackson can be the guy teams rely on for years to come.



  • Orlando Magic- Mo Bamba- C- Texas


Mo Bamba is an American basketball player who most recently played for the University of Texas at Austin. He is highly looked at due to his 7-foot, 9-inch wingspan since he is 6’11.  Weighing 225 pounds, he has a very athletic build especially with his enormous wingspan, which is very good for blocking shots.  Bamba finished Second in the Nation for blocked shots, which was 3.7 blocks every game. He also averaged 10.5 rebounds, and 12.9 points each game.  Bamba is a unique player who scouts think will flourish because of his basketball IQ and his length.



  • Chicago Bulls – Wendell Carter- C- Duke


Carter showed how dominant he can be this season at Duke, as he averaged 13.5points and 9 rebounds per game. Scouts love how gifted he is on the defensive end as well, as his athleticism and quickness let him switch on to smaller, quicker guards and he is able to defend them with ease. He is also one of the more skilled post players in the draft, as he uses a variety of moves down low to score. Mike Krzyzewski’s experience and teaching also will have a big impact n Carter, as he spent his freshman season under one of the best coaches of all time. Scouts think that if Carter’s jump shot can become more consistent, he will be one of the league’s most dynamic players and will be a matchup nightmare.



  • Sacramento Kings- Michael Porter Jr.- F- Missouri


Michael Porter Jr. is one of the more interesting stories in this draft. A high school phenom, Porter was considered the second-best player in his high school class and committed to play at Washington, before he decommitted and committed to Missouri because Washington fired their head coach, who had ties to the Porter family. Porter suffered a back injury before the season started, and was forced to miss almost all of the regular season. He only played 3 regular season games, in which he averaged 10 points and 6 rebounds a game. Scouts love his athleticism and will on the court, and predict that despite injuries, he will still be a star.


  1. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Brooklyn Nets)- Trae Young- G- Oklahoma

This undersized guard has been one of the most talked about players in the nation. Trae Youngs shooting from infinite range and his ability to break down the defense and pass the ball out has been nothing short of impressive. Though NBA scouts do think he doesn’t have a good frame for the league, and that he’s not mature enough. He led the country in points and assists, one achievement that only a few have accomplished. He had a bad Oklahoma team around him though, showing that he had to really carry the load offensively. Defensively, he is a very poor defender, which could lower his draft stock. He has a short wingspan, as well as his overall frame. Young isn’t built like an NBA player, which is also an issue.


  1. New York Knicks- Mikal Bridges- G/F- Villanova
  2. Philadelphia 76ers (via Los Angeles Lakers) – Collin Sexton – G- Alabama
  3. Charlotte Hornets – Shai Gilgeous-Alexander- G- Kentucky
  4. Los Angeles Clippers (via Detroit Pistons) – Miles Bridges- F- Michigan State
  5. Los Angeles Clippers- Zhaire Smith- G- Texas Tech
  6. Denver Nuggets- Kevin Knox- F- Kentucky

“I think a lot of guys will be star players in the NBA, they were really good in college and they can be even better in the NBA,” said sophomore Jacky Chen who is an avid NBA fan.

This draft is filled with franchise cornerstone players and future all-stars. Many are even saying that this could be one of the best drafts ever. The draft is really loaded at every position and there is not really any weaknesses in the draft. Don’t look now but some of these players will be playing on all-star weekend and maybe in the NBA Finals.


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Updated: NBA 2018 Mock Draft