Princeton University Admits Hills’ Class of 2018 Valedictorian

By Eunice G. Park and Alexa DiFiore

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It’s not easy for a senior to get through college applications, nor is it easy for a senior to open his/her admission letters.

Senior and Hills valedictorian Sandy Yang, however, received a pleasant surprise on the evening of December 13th.

She was admitted to Princeton University, one of the most prestigious (and selective) schools in the nation.

“I actually found out through a text from my mom in the middle of fencing practice,” Yang admits. “Honestly I just couldn’t believe that I’d gotten in; it seriously felt like a dream [that] I was going to wake up from at any second.”

Yang explains that she wishes to pursue a medical career and enjoys planning her future. She does quite a handful of things outside of the classroom. As a fencer during the winter, the co-captain of Quiz Bowl, the co-president of Leo Club, an active member of NAHS, a leader at church, and of course as the valedictorian, Yang has proved well qualified for admission into such a prestigious school.

Although Yang has not entirely committed to Princeton for various reasons, and consequently her college applications journey has not yet come to a close, she shares useful advice for the many seniors who are currently experiencing high levels of college application-induced stress.

“Breathe, and take it step by step. Your senior year is such a small but precious time in your life so try your best to enjoy! College is like getting into a relationship; you both have to choose each other. If the college doesn’t want you, then it wasn’t right for you to begin with; don’t be let down, because you’re worth a lot more than where you end up going.”

The Patriot Press congratulates Yang, the first Hills student to be accepted to Princeton in nearly six years, for her accomplishment.

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