Nikki Rigoli: November’s Student Of The Month

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Nikki Rigoli: November’s Student Of The Month

By Eunice G. Park, Staff Writer

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Senior Nikki Rigoli was recently named Student of the Month here at Hills.

Surprisingly, it was a small (but still meaningful) act, not a grandiose gesture, that caused her to gain such special recognition.

“I didn’t do extra volunteering or extra studying; I did none of that,” Rigoli admits. “But what I did do is give the clothes off of my back to Jenna Maguire when she had to go on a field trip. That’s how I got Student of the Month.”

Donna King, the Student of the Month award distributor, says, “Nikki definitely deserved this award. You can’t find a friend like her any day.”

Maguire explained what Rigoli did for her, stating, “I’m a member of FBLA, and we had the Sports Business Day field trip at Met Life. I had totally forgotten about it and needed to dress nice. I was wearing [sweats] and Nikki had jeans and a nice blouse. She swapped her clothes and shoes with me and ‘legit’ saved my life.”

Clearly, Rigoli deserved the Student of the Month award.

Everyone here at Hills should follow Rigoli’s example and perform small acts of kindness and friendship whenever they can.

Congratulations Nikki Rigoli!


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