Erin Hirz: from Patriot to Red Fox

Erin Hirz: from Patriot to Red Fox

By Alexa Soroka, Editor

After graduating from Wayne Hills High School in June of 2017, Erin Hirz pursues an education in Arts and Communication at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The recent graduate was actively involved in the Wayne Hills community, having participated in Cross Country, Track and Field, Girl’s Bowling, Yearbook, the Graphic Design Club, National Honors Society, and National Art Honors Society.

When asked why she chose to attend Marist College, she explained that she “chose Marist College based on the school’s reputation for its Arts and Communications program, the school’s proximity to home and the scenic campus.”

The college student became a Red Fox in August of 2017 and, as a current Junior, is well adjusted to college life.

“I have become involved in several clubs and organizations as well as working as a graphic designer for the Marist College Art Gallery. My college is only an hour and fifteen minutes away from home, so I am able to see my family often.”

She admits that, in some ways, college is not all that it is cracked up to be.

“I don’t like doing my own laundry or the food that they have in the dining hall. I hate having to walk outside to go from class to class when it is cold outside or snowing.”

Hirz is currently enrolled in classes such as Art and Design and Digital Media in order to fulfill her dream to become a Graphic Designer. 

“My major is in Digital Media with a concentration in Graphic Design. I have always had a passion for art and, at a young age, realized that I wanted to take art seriously. Graphic design became my escape from reality and a way to creatively express myself.”

Despite the excitement and new experiences involved with attending college, the WHHS graduate still reflects on her four years at Wayne Hills fondly.

“I miss a lot of things about Hills, like going out to lunch senior year, being able to drive to school, the chaos of the senior lot and my teachers.”

“My favorite teacher was Mrs. Noll. I will forever be grateful for the skills she taught me and for always pushing me to become a better graphic designer. I appreciate her guidance, encouragement, and advice throughout my four years of high school.”

Hirz has made many memories at Wayne Hills that she will never forget.

“The funniest moment from Wayne Hills was probably at the end of my freshman year when my English teacher spent the entire period blasting music from Beyonce’s new album and dancing around the classroom. My favorite class was definitely yearbook. I enjoyed the yearbook class because it was a collaborative effort. As a class, we were able to create a record of past and present memories from Wayne Hills, and being chief-in-editor was a blast. So was senior prom and graduation.”

The four years that Hirz spent at Wayne Hills taught her several lessons to carry with her forever, and that she hopes to pass on to other students.

Her advice to freshmen would be to “not worry about making friends immediately and do not be afraid to be seen alone. A good way to make friends is to get involved in clubs and activities. Be yourself and do not change for anyone. Stay focused on your grades.”

The recent high school student also shared advice for seniors.

“Make the most of the last couple of months you have at Wayne Hills. Complete your college essay and applications early. Even though an extreme case of senioritis is kicking in…do not slack off! And most importantly, always remember where you came from.”

Hirz is grateful for her time at Wayne Hills and hopes to have similar success beyond high school. After college, she looks forward to attending a prominent graduate school in pursuit of a Master’s Degree. This degree, as well as a portfolio, will allow her to begin a successful career in a very competitive field.

“In ten years, I see myself married, owning a dog, and having a stable job in the graphic design field.”