Humans of Wayne Hills – Jillian Schear


Jillian Schear

By Shan Battal and Maggie Beams

Over a thousand students attend Wayne Hills, each one of them different from the next. While they have diverse interests, Hills has something to offer all of them. There are numerous sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities to choose from. These activities make it possible for everyone and anyone to fit in at Hills.

Jillian Schear, a senior, has found her place in SDA. Schear takes a lot of pride in being in the group. This year, Schear’s fourth and final in SDA, is especially significant to her, as she is the white overall captain. Although she wasn’t the overall captain last year, she was the captain of jazz and participated in tap. According to students that danced in jazz last year, Schear, despite her team’s loss, proved to be an amazing captain, teammate, and dancer. They are very excited to see what she brings to the table as this year’s white overall. While countless hours and sleepless nights went into the show last year, Schear plans to make the dances even better this year and bring home the win for white.

In addition to being overall in SDA, Schear participates in several dance programs outside of school. “I’ve been dancing for fourteen years,” says Schear, “white SDA overall, jazz, tap and all different styles of dancing. I’ve trained long hours, made friends, learned teamwork and confidence, and gained work experience for shows and dancing in college.”