American Horror Story Premiere Recap


By Olivia Minervini, Staff Writer

A new season of “American Horror Story” just came out earlier this week. The new season is called Hotel. Lady Gaga landed a lead role in this season, which excites many people. “They couldn’t have cast a better person to play Lady Gaga’s character.” Says Alex Wisely, Freshmen.

The premiere begins with two young, foreign ladies entering the ‘Hotel Cortez’ in Los Angeles, California. The hotel is a marvelous, and classic hotel. It has a grand stairwell in the main lobby, branching out to each of the floors. These floors contain many rooms, which makes it such a great place to film ‘American Horror Story’ because each room is a mystery. When the ladies checked in and got to their room, they smelt an awful stench, so they ripped open the mattress and they saw a bloody creature.

As the show goes on, one of the ladies end up in room 64, where she finds children eating each other.

After a few other scenes, a detective named John Lowe investigates a horrid murder, with sickening visuals at ‘Hotel Cortez.’

Later on in the day, Lowe gets a phone call saying that the person on the phone was the murderer and that he’s going to do it again at ‘Hotel Cortez.’

Finally, Lady Gaga’s character is shown- she’s a vampire! Lady Gaga brings Matt Bomers Donovan character to a movie showing at a cemetery.

Some backstory is revealed. The audience learns that Detective Lowe and his wife lost their son at a carnival a while back and he is still missing, but Lowe thought he saw his son at the hotel in some scenes before.  

Further into the show, detective Lowe is forced to stay at ‘Hotel Cortez’ because of his investigation.

    As the show reaches an end, Will Drake, played by Cheyenne Jackson, enters the scene to buy the hotel, which scared the residents. Will Drake also has a young son, who is led by Countess, to a room where children, and where John Lowe’s missing son is. This leaves the audience eager to see more.