WHHS Clubs Aim to Help Millions Affected by Irma


By Alexa Soroka, Staff Writer

Wayne Hills students are working to aid victims impacted by Hurricane Irma’s destructive and chaotic aftermath.

The category five hurricane swept through Florida and several islands off of the coast of the United States, leaving vast swathes of devastation for residents of those areas. With many facing ruin, the efforts of the Wayne Hills community, as well as those of national organizations, have recently been enlisted.

Close to home, Wayne Hills is putting in effort to help those affected by Hurricane Irma. Through the week of September 18th, members of the National Honors Society (NHS) will be going around lunch periods asking for donations. Everyone who donates bills will receive a lollipop.

The fundraiser was initiated when Kelly O’Neill, NHS member, saw Irma aftermath pictures online and sympathized with those that were affected. The club looks to donate all of the profits directly to the American Red Cross so that they can utilize the funds for those in need of help.

“It makes you feel good to help a society that you feel has given so much to you. And when you do it as a group, it makes it a lot more enjoyable,” says Kaitlyn Langschultz, proud member of the NHS.

Aside from giving donations through the NHS, there are also several other ways to help victims of Hurricane Irma. If you are looking for other opportunities, Langschultz recommends “The Red Cross Youth Council, which is open to kids to volunteer. Starting your own thing is always good too.”

Nationally, many celebrities came together for the “Hand in Hand” telethon, a broadcast that raised over $44 million dollars for those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Among the participants were Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and George Clooney, all of whom answered phone calls as individuals called in to give donations and other information–as well as just to talk with A-list celebrities. Several widely known individuals and brands also decided to donate money of their own, with Sandra Bullock giving $1 million and Apple giving $5 million.

Beyond the financial successes that the telethon brought in, the program also supported equality and unity across America during this times of heartache,  a message that many believe ought to apply all of the time.