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Langan’s Goal is Instilling Lifelong Learning Skills

By Gianna Petruccelli

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What English teacher at Wayne Hills can claim that she has been on television even if just for a scant moment?

That would be Anne Langan who humorously reports being stopped by a reporter once while shopping at her local Stop and Shop. The result was a brief moment on a Fios newscast.

But Langan is a bit more serious about her classes here at WHHS.

“My main goal as a teacher is to help kids learn about literature and enjoy learning and developing life long learning,” Langan said recently.

Langan, who teaches freshmen and juniors, adds  “My favorite part about being a teacher is feeling like I am helping contribute to students learning, and helping students learn and discover new ideas.”

Although she has taught a freshman seminar class, Langan said she has always wanted to be an English teacher for as long as she can remember.

Langan has taught in Wayne, and Wayne only for sixteen years, although she grew up in Parsippany, New Jersey where she attended Parsippany High School. From there, Langan attended Rutgers University where she majored in English and Psychology.

Students explain that Langan is a unique teacher because she makes sure the information she instills in her students stays with them for longer than just English class.

“I don’t want my class to be the kind of class where a student takes a test and forgets the information forever.” Said Langan.

Langan is definitely one of WHHS’s more interesting teachers. Her hobbies include taking care of her plants, walking, running, and going to musical or theatrical performances.

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Langan’s Goal is Instilling Lifelong Learning Skills