Friday Fun at Formal

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Friday Fun at Formal

By Katie Durot and Natalia Aliotta

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The junior class is waiting anxiously as Friday, March 3, draws nearer, the day of the Junior Formal. The Formal will be taking place at the Valley Regency in Clifton, check in time starting at seven and formal ending at eleven.  After talking to some juniors it’s being evident just exactly how excited the class is for this upcoming Friday.

“I can’t wait for Formal. I’m mostly excited because I get to take my beautiful girlfriend, Nieve, and going with her is what has got me so excited for it,’  says Eric Miller. 

Alyssa Servidio says that she’s excited because she gets to wear the dress she bought at the “Chic Boutique” in the Garden State  Plaza mall.

“The dress just spoke to me, I knew I had to buy it” , she said. Tori Andersen says that she’s excited for Formal because “ I get to Formal with my best friend, Sarah, and I’m excited because I get to go with someone that I really want to be there with.”

Sarah Esser, senior, on what she thought it would be like attend formal not only a second time, but as a graduating senior. “ It’s definitely gonna be nostalgic” , she says. “And I want know as many people, but I’m super looking forward to it because I get to go with Tori, and her and I always have the best times.”

Many students anticipate the upcoming night, excited to make it a memorable night with friends. “I can’t wait for Friday night… To get dressed up and being with my friends. It’s going to be such a magical night” said Kaitlyn Wisse.

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