Rumors Arise about the Great iPhone 8

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Rumors Arise about the Great iPhone 8

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Technology lovers and Apple fans are more excited than ever for this year’s release of the iPhone 8 because it is the tenth anniversary iPhone. The first iPhone was released in 2007 and has became increasingly more innovative with each new phone. While nothing has been confirmed yet (including the actual name of the phone), there are many exciting rumors about the features of the iPhone 8.

One new feature is rumored to be a larger screen with an edge to edge display. This is a brand new feature for iPhones, but Samsungs have had these screens for quite some time. The new screen will also have a brand new OLED display, making the screen even brighter than before. OLED also helps to make the phone thinner and less power consuming. However, it is rumored that the OLED might be only one model and that there will be another model with the classic display.

For all photographers, the camera might be improved slightly, but it is still unclear as to what feature will be changed.

Apple is also making a change to one of the major iPhone identifiers. This phone may not have the home button. Instead it will just be built into the screen. The iPhone will also be returning to a glass screen.

For those who are clumsy, the iPhone 8 will have improved water resistance. It will also be even faster with a new and improved A11 processor.

Charging wires are a hassle. They get tangled, sometimes don’t work, and often get torn, so it is really exciting to hear that the iPhone 8 might feature wireless charging.

Some people are unimpressed with the updates, however, because iPhone has already been innovated so much that there’s no technology that will be revolutionary. “I’m not really excited because what else can they add to the phone?” says sophomore Yara Kiblawi.

However, the new iPhone 8 might be extremely high in cost, with some rumors saying that it might be over $1,000, so start saving money now! Even though these are all rumors, the iPhone 8 appears to be pretty great!