Senior Spotlight: Casey Grosjean

By Tanasia Weaver, Staff Writer

Senior year can be  hard and stressful in the beginning, but Casey Grosjean finds a way to get all of her school work and college applications done, while finding time to enjoy and soak up the last year here at WHHS.

Casey is one of the SDA Aerobics captains for the white team  this year with one of her closest friends, Ashlyn Rogalski. But Casey doesn’t stop there in participating in school activities and clubs.  She is in photo club, S.T.A.R.S, Ski Team,and the Random Acts of Kindness Club.

As she keeps herself busy in high school, she still makes time to apply to college. Her top choice is Penn State University. Casey wants to major in psychology and is planning to be a child psychologist. “I like kids, and I want to help children be able to understand themselves, and if they’re going through a hard time, I want to help them get through it.” Casey dedicates herself to helping others and making the world a nicer place.

Five years from now, she hopes to be done with college and have a stable job so she can start the next part of her life. Her advice to the upcoming seniors is to focus and to take school seriously, because it all pays off at the end.

With Casey’s perseverance and dedication, there is no doubt she will make it far in the future!