Spirit Week Plans 2016!

By Ashley Serventi, Staff Writer


Spirit week is a Wayne Hills tradition held in the middle of November every year. It’s an entire week dedicated to a competition between all four grades. Each grade comes up with a team name to represent their class. This year, the class of 2020 are the Freshmen Fire, the class of 2019 are the Sophomore Sluggers, the class of 2018 are the Junior Jungle, and the class of 2017 are the Senior Super-Villains. This year, Spirit Week will be held from November 14th through the 18th .

The themes throughout the week are Pajama Day , College Day , America Day, Team day , and lastly,  the famous Spirit Rally, where every grade wears their class color. Each morning during homeroom, student council members from different grades count how many members from each grade are dressed for the theme of the day, and each grade accumulates points based on how many people dress up. On Friday, we follow a half-day schedule, and for the latter half of the day, everyone will be called down to the Gifford Gym where each grade will get a chance to compete in different activities such as the balloon pop, dizzy bat, pie eating, and tug-of-war to earn points for their team. Along with the festivities, Spirit Week is a time where we give back to the community through the Penny Wars.

“I’m excited to announce again this year, last year was my first year teaching at Wayne hills so I didn’t know as many people but this year I know a lot more so it should be really fun!” says Robert Hittinger history teacher, who gets the opportunity to be the announcer during the spirit rally.

The students especially are looking forward to this fun easy going week they have ahead, The student council  members also share their excitement to see all their work towards the spirit rally come alive with all of the posters they created along with the shirt designs and decorations for the themes they have decided on.

“I hope this year is as successful for the 2018 graduating class as last year, the shirts are going to look really nice I’m excited to see everyone in them,” says Allison Frain junior student council member.