The Incredible iPhone 7

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The Incredible iPhone 7

By Jenna Sundel, Contributor

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The iPhone 7 was recently released, and its new features will make you run to the Apple Store as quickly as possible. What originally was supposed to be a small update transformed into the fastest and most efficient iPhone yet.

The most common new upgrade has everyone talking. Apple decided to remove the headphone jack, instead including an adapter that allows users to use their own headphones. Many people are infuriated that they can’t listen to music with headphones and charge their phone at the same time. The only solution to this dilemma is using wireless headphones or earbuds, including Apple’s AirPods, but they could be easy to lose and expensive.

“I think it’s horrible that now you have to pay for wireless earbuds and they cost about a hundred dollars when the older phones came with free ones. You are already paying a fortune for your phone. Now you need to get a hundred dollar wireless earbuds,” said sophomore Megan Kick about the headphone issue.

“It’s frustrating that there is not a headphone jack,” added sophomore Yara Kiblawi.

One of the biggest improvements that people are excited about is the extended battery life. The iPhone 7’s battery lasts 2 hours longer and the iPhone 7 Plus’s battery lasts 1 hour longer. The longer battery life is caused by Apple’s new battery, the A10 Fusion Chipset. This battery also makes the iPhone 7 twice as fast as the iPhone 6. The device is definitely racing ahead of the fast paced world of technology.

For the aspiring photographer or even the everyday person, the iPhone 7 makes taking photos a completely new experience. The phone is even more colorful than before, with the addition of a wide color gamut display, making the phone 25% brighter. The iPhone 7 Plus even has two cameras on the back to help capture every detail. The phone also can zoom in closer than any other Apple device, with a 10x digital zoom and a 6x zoom for videos. The device also features a 4 color LED flash, perfect for taking pictures in dimly lit places.

The iPhone 7 is definitely being heard, because Apple has created a brand new stereo system. This system is 2x louder than the iPhone 6 and covers a larger range.

The iPhone 7 will also last a long time because it is the first water resistant iPhone. Not only is the phone protected from spills, it also acts as a protection against dust.

Some of the updates are not very significant, but still contribute to the greatness of the device. The home button is now stationary, meaning that it does not move when pressed. All of the buttons are sturdier than ever to prevent damage.

The new iPhone is available in a variety of colors, including Black, Jet Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. There are 3 different options for the amount of storage on the phone: 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. The price ranges from $649 to $849 for an iPhone 7. The range for the iPhone 7 Plus is $769 to $969. With the holidays quickly approaching, the iPhone 7 will definitely be on everyone’s list.