Full House: Take Two

Full House: Take Two

The beloved 80’s show, Full House, has released the continuation of the show, now titled Fuller House. When season one came out earlier this year, the viewers loved it. Now, people can’t wait until the release of season two. The release date is yet to be determined.

In this sequel to Full House, DJ Tanner-Fuller is now a widow. With three kids, and being a single mother, her life is tough. Therefore, Stephanie Tanner, her sister, moves in, as well as Kimmy Gibbler and her daughter, Ramona Gibbler.

“I loved watching Full House growing up, and now seeing Fuller House on my t.v. today, it’s amazing,” said Sophomore, Carly Sklar.

Rumor has it, Steve, DJ Tanner’s high school boyfriend in Full House, and Matt, Dj Tanner-Fuller’s coworker, go head-to-head in a battle for DJ’s love. However, it is certain that Steve and Matt also might be interested in someone else, said Candace Cameron, who plays the role of Dj Tanner-Fuller, on an interview with E!News.

The cast has been revealing information about season two, dealing with things such as cast, script, and set, on their Instagrams, twitters, and other social media sites.

The first episode of season two is titled “Welcome Back,” revealed by Jodie Sweetin, who plays the role of Stephanie Tanner. It is written by Jeff Franklin and directed by Rich Correll. John Stamos also revealed that Season two might be released earlier than season one.

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