WHHS 1968 Class Ring Mystery Continues


This ring from the Class of 1968 bears the initials KJH. The Patriot Press is searching for its rightful owner.

By Michelle Lampariello

Key developments have occurred in the ongoing search for the owner of the mysterious 1968 WHHS class ring.

A ring bearing the initials KJH was sent to Principal Maureen Weir last month from a woman in Colorado who has no connection to the school and found it amongst her own high school keepsakes.

Since that time, The Patriot Press has been researching the possible owner of the ring by consulting the 1968 yearbook, googling possible names and publishing the findings on various alumni websites and the WHHS 50th Anniversary Facebook page.  Two students with those same initials are Karl J. Harz and Kevin J. Healey, both of whom graduated in 1968.

James Freeswick, WHHS student council president in 1968, was able to reach Harz who stated that he has his ring in his possession. Therefore, it would appear as though the mysterious ring belongs to Healey who Freeswick determined died several years ago.

“He went into the navy, if I’m not mistaken,” stated Freeswick when asked about Healey’s life after high school. After further research, it became clear that Healey was “serving in the armed forces” at the time he graduated from WHHS.

The Patriot Press attempted to contact an assumed relative at Healey’s address as listed on his transcripts, however, phone calls to that telephone number were not returned.

Meanwhile, posts to alumni Facebook pages have also uncovered the names of Healey’s siblings, and The Patriot Press will attempt to contact them as well.

The Patriot Press is hopeful that these efforts to contact Healey’s next-of-kin will result in the ring being returned to its rightful owner.

“We are hoping that students can talk to their parents or grandparents to see if anyone knows the Healey family members,” said Donna Del Moro, english teacher and co-chair of the 50th anniversary committee.