Light it Up Blue: Follow up


Autism awareness month has ended on Saturday, April 30. As a way to end the special month perfectly, our school had a Light it Up Blue day, on Friday, April 29. Students and staff dressed in hues of blue to spread awareness for autism. Along with dressing up blue, the day also consisted of fun yard activities, such as miniature golf, ladder ball, catch, and frisbee.

Throughout the month of April our school sold blue ribbons and bracelets, along with blue hair extensions sold April 20th and April 21st, around 40 people purchased the hair extensions. As a school, we raised $400 for Spectrum for Living, $300 for United by Autism, and around $175 for Autism Speaks.

Because of our success this year, next year will be even better! Next year more yard activities will be added, more sports games like baseball, and also to sell sweat bands.
“This year was amazing and it’s so wonderful that our school can come together to raise money for Autism Awareness” said Sophomore, Olivia Lipuma.