How are WHHS Students Preparing for Finals Week?


By Eddie Brim

With the school year winding down the week of finals approaches rapidly, all the things that have been learned and forgotten in the school year needing to be relearned. That’s right, the dreaded finals.

To make it worse, the sophomores and freshman have never taken final exams before, making this even more difficult and stressful. There are many different techniques that students use throughout the year to learn the material required of them, but which techniques worked the best and will be used for finals preparation?

Junior Allison Duffy explains that she is “reviewing past notes and rewriting some of them” to prepare for finals. Other students, like freshman Matt Zimmerman take a more collective route, “going through all [his] notes for about an hour and a half after [he] gets home from practice.”

There are millions of ways to go about studying for final exams, there is no one best way however. The best way to study for finals or really any test is just to use the technique that works best for you. With just a few weeks left until the exams the pressure will start to build, the best advice is simply to start studying as soon as you possibly can.

Junior Noah Choe says that as a whole, he “plans to look back at the past year and strengthen topics that [he does] not fully understand.”

The schedule is as follows: June 20th (Monday) holds English and Science, June 21st (Tuesday) consists of History and Mathematics, and finally on Wednesday the 22nd the World Language exams will take place.

Everyone has the ability to do well on the exams it just takes a little work. So get to it!