By Arianna Chen, Sophomore Editor

From April 11nth to the 29nth, students from grades 9-11 at WHHS will be undergoing PARCC testing.

Split into AM and PM sessions, the beginning of the PARCC week begins with English testing. Students will need to take the PARCC test on the computer, so they will be meeting either in a computer lab or in a room with chromebooks (Teachers will be notifying students of where they will be testing beforehand). The ELA (English Language Arts) section of reading comprehension and writing lasts for three days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), the first two days being a session of 110 minutes, the last day being 90 minutes.

Next, on Thursday and Friday, students take the Math section, which is split into three units. The first two units are taken in a 180 session on Thursday, and the last unit is taken in a 90 minutes session on Friday.

The only grade level that does not have both AM and PM sessions are the freshman, who only have AM sessions.

Each grade level has a specific week that they are testing in (April 11-15 for juniors, April 18-22 for sophomores, and April 25-29  for freshman), however, the days in which students take their math PARCC depend on the classes they are in. For example, if a sophomore is taking Algebra 2, they would take the PARCC test with the juniors on April 14-15nth. On the other hand, if a freshman is taking Geometry, they will test in the sophomore week, taking the Geometry PARCC on April 21-22nd.

Good luck to students at WHHS taking the PARCC exams this month!