Lantern’s Coffee House

By Alyssa Robbins

After anxiously waiting to host another coffee house, the WHHS Lantern club recently hosted their second.

The Lantern editors Heather Heimbach, Jessie Hinners, Grace Kim, and Alyssa Robbins set up the entire event with help from the club’s adviser, Scott Summers. The coffee house was a complete success. Everyone who went had an amazing time as they listened to poetry and saw exceptional artwork with special guests including the Improv club.

“It was a lovely event and I enjoyed hearing everyone’s poetry and seeing everyone’s artwork. It was amazing to be back and see how far the Lantern club has come” said WHHS alum, Julia Robbins.

The Lantern club read short stories and displayed their pictures and drawings.  “I had a great time showing everyone one who went my artwork. All the art work I showed I worked on in my art class in school. I also enjoyed hearing the poetry that everyone wrote” said senior Lantern member, Shannon Reilly.

Stay tuned because the Lantern club will be hosting another coffee house at the end of April early May.