SDA Comes To An End


By Carly Polay and Erica Autiero

This year was the 49th SDA show. Each dance was a success and everyone raved about how amazing the show was. Maroon won for the past three years, but this year white broke the streak. The theme this year was “Dancing Through Disney.” Each dance had amazing glittery costumes and sky-high props that were bigger and better than any other year. Winning first place was white tap and their theme was “The Lion King.” Second place was maroon jazz and their theme was “Hocus Pocus.” Last but not least, third place was maroon tap and their theme was “Pirates of The Caribbean.” Maroon jazz and maroon tap have been placing in the top three places for the past four years. Francesca Ponzini and Lexi Garcia both had the honor to perform solo dances as the “fillers” before intermission. The STARS students also had a fantastic and fun time as they danced to “Under The Sea.” For the first in SDA history, we had Anton Rizzo dance and help out throughout the show. Boys usually do not dance in the show, but Anton proved everyone that anyone can dance.

“SDA has been one of the best experiences throughout my high school career. I made so many new friends and gained a better understanding for what goes into the school. I regret not doing it all 4 years. This was definitely one of WHHS SDAs best shows”, said senior Anton Rizzo.

“I got involved with SDA because it seemed like they needed help with props and because I love all the captains and the awesome overalls! SDA was a really great show this year and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it,” said teacher Andrew Poalillo.

Next year will be SDA’s 50th show and it will be bigger and better than ever. Tryouts for next year will take place towards the end of this current school year. Who will be the new overalls? That’s up to you to decide!