Split Band for Spring Concert

Split Band for Spring Concert

By Alyssa Robbins

The WHHS band is preparing for their spring concert on April 26th, which they have been practicing for since the beginning of February. However, back in January the band students auditioned for split band. Split band is when the band splits into two separate bands, Wind Ensemble, and Concert Band. The bands perform at the spring concert and the Wind Ensemble also performs at the WHHS’s Evening with the Arts.

The bands just started practicing this past week. They usually practice three days a week during fifth period, their usual band period. At the spring concert, the band plays two songs as a whole, then splits into the separate bands and each band plays two to three songs.

The students love split band because they see it as an opportunity to show off how amazing they can play by themselves for the band teachers, Christopher Dewilde and Matthew Paterno. Perri Budd, a senior clarinetist in concert band says, “Split band encourages all students to play out and become a more confident player. It gives students who never get solos a chance to stand out and get them. Split band allows students to meet new people and become a better instrumentalist.”

It is different from when the band plays as a whole because when they play as a whole it goes in grade order, but in split band it only matters how well you can play your instrument. A freshmen can get first trumpet, if he is good enough instead of a senior who might only be first trumpet because of seniority.

The band students and teachers all think the spring concert is going to sound perfect. With all the hard work they put it is definitely going to be a spring concert to remember. Good luck band!