Beyoncés Formation Isn’t Acceptable

By Erica Autiero

Beyoncé’s new “Formation” music video has stirred a lot of controversy. Beyonce’s overall message was about the “Black lives matter movement”. Her message to most was stating how police are the bad guys for shooting all of these ‘innocent black lives’, and she was portraying such a bad view of police officers. She danced on a police car sinking which in most people’s opinions is disgusting. Some people do argue that her video is supporting black lives and that it’s not disgusting. Many protesters for the black lives matter movement fully support her video. Her video is now going viral all around the world with many people giving their opinions about it.

“It was very disturbing to see how Beyonce was shaming police officers,” says senior, Anton Rizzo. “It was very offending to see someone with that much fame to do something that is trashy-looking. The police are there for protection and having a ‘star’ make fun of them is completely disturbing to me.”

“I did not enjoy watching Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ music video,” said senior, Chelsea Hayet. “It portrayed such a horrible message displaying how police officers are the bad guys when in reality they are only here to protect us. Beyonce should not have made such a hateful video.” 

Beyonce’s music video was not acceptable. Many police officers are now going to receive a lot of hate due to the fact that a famous artist is portraying hate towards them. How do you feel about this video? Comment below and let the Patriot Press know!