New Electives


By Carly Polay

Next school year, new electives are coming to WHHS! Students will now be allowed to choose more options that they are interested in. This can help them discover what they want to major in for college. A lot of students are already signing up for the Sports Medicine 1 class, a new half year course that will encompass various physical therapy methods and medicine technology in athletics. Other new electives include College Business 2, AP Computer Science Principles, Science Research, College Comp. 1 and 2 and Science Technology and Society. College Comp. can be used for college credits also! With so many new options of electives, you will definitely have an interesting schedule next year. Go down to guidance to make sure you get the elective of your choice!

“I’m really glad that Science Research is going to be a class next year. I am not positive if I will be teaching this course or not, but it will definitely be something that I will want to look more into. This course is open to freshmen too, it’s a great way to start your high school experience,” says biology teacher Anna Schlesier.