Updates on the Improvements to Wayne Hills


By Noah Sandler and Ethan Russ

From the 2021-2022 school year to the 2022-2023 school year, several improvements have been made to the infrastructure of our school. Most notable of these improvements have been the Gifford Gym Floor, the newly-renovated Baseball Field, renovated press box, and new boilers. Most of these improvements are related to the athletics department, but all have a positive impact on our school’s environment.

To begin, over the summer, the district replaced the floor in the Gifford Gym and it is now a lighter color and plays really well for basketball. The old floor suffered water damage so they were forced to replace it with something new. 

Gym Teacher Ms. Tobinas said, “I really liked how it brightened up the gym and I felt like the old floor was dated so now it looks newer and fresher. Overall I like the aesthetic of it.”

The press box at the football field was also renovated over the summer, but Television Production teacher Mr. Hoogstrate does not think the renovations are enough for the TV Crew. He said, “without a doubt we need a new press box. 100%. It’s too small and the infrastructure in it is still falling apart. All they did was put siding on it.”

The school replaced the boilers with more efficient and smaller ones to supply the school, and so far, it seems like these new boilers could be a positive change. Sam Merza, the head custodian, said, “They are very good and they are running very nice. I believe it is easy to troubleshoot them if we have any issues with them. It is very different from the old ones we used to have.”

Finally, the school replaced the JV baseball field and both the coaches and players are very happy with it. 

“I think it was a long time coming. The field that was there prior to that was not a very good baseball field. Hopefully, this one will play a little better than the last one,” said assistant baseball coach Mr. Basilicato.

“I’m glad that they’re focusing on the baseball team and putting money into that instead of football. I wished they remodeled the varsity field as well because it is kind of terrible” said senior baseball player Drew Oppenheim.

While these vast changes have been made, it is too early to tell how they will affect the Wayne Hills community. However, it appears that most of these changes will be beneficial to the school for several years to come.