Michigan State Shooting Shakes Communities

MSU students come together to share their love for their classmates who died in the shooting

MSU students come together to share their love for their classmates who died in the shooting

By Emily Caslander, Staff Writer

On the night of Monday, February 3, the busy streets of Michigan State University fell silent after a 45-year-old gunman opened fire at Sophomores Arielle Anderson, Brian Fraser, and Alexandria Verner, who was later pronounced dead, along with five other wounded students. All eight of the victims were students who attended Michigan State University.

At 11:30, three hours after being sheltered in place, MSU police found the gunman off campus, dead. He had fled the campus after the shooting. Studies have shown that he killed himself shortly after. Police and investigators at MSU are trying to find what provoked the mass shooting. This shooting wasn’t the only shooting that he had planned. Prior to the MSU shooting the gunman threated New Jerseys schools, as a possible shooting.

Many Parents were horrified to find out about this devastating news. Michigan mom Andrea Ferguson, whose daughter survived the 2021 massacre at Oxford High School said “It was like reliving Oxford all over again,” Ferguson said, referring to the high school massacre that left four students dead. “The phone call, the word shooting, shooter, it was surreal,” she told NBC news.

Five shooting victims were transferred to a nearby hospital, but police haven’t released any further information about their conditions.

Ava Renner, a Freshman at Wayne Hills shares her feeling about the shooting ” I was devastated to hear about this mass shooting. I know I am not the only student scared to go to college, but now I am even more freaked out. Students and parents don’t expect these kinds of things.”

Not only are the students who go to Michigan State devastated, but incoming college students, are scared also. There is no way to know when these things are coming. Hopefully, in the future, MSU and other colleges will find ways to ensure more safety and precautions to help prevent things like this from happening in the future.