Rapper Tory Lanez found guilty for the shooting for Megan Thee Stallion


By Deanna Inciardi and Joyce Ahn

A jury in a California courtroom found rapper Tory Lanez guilty last week for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in a incident back in 2020.

Megan Thee Stallion is an American Rapper who rose to fame after the rise of her hit song “Savage” which went viral on TikTok in 2020. She is 27  years old and has won many awards for her rap songs and music. Canadian rapper Tory Lanez who is known for songs like “The Color Violet” and “Say It”, has been under investigation for shooting the Grammy winner. This case started in July 2020, when Megan was shot five times in the foot following a party in Hollywood Hills. Megan and Tory were coming back together after a night out at the reality star and beauty icon Kylie Jenner’s home.

Megan told the jury that this was caused by an argument about their music careers. The argument got very heated and Lanez got rubbed the wrong way. As Megan got out of the vehicle to try to walk away from Lanez, Lanez leaned out of the car and shot fire. He shot the firearm about 5 times hitting her in both feet leaving her wounded and with bullets in her feet. Megan needed surgery to get the bullets out.

As she started to share her story, many people had many different opinions on the situation. As Tory Lanez offered her 1 million dollars to speak silently about it and not speak at all. When Megan was sharing her testimony, she got very sad, unlike usual, when she raps and sings in front of large crowds. In her iconic purple suit, she talked about how she recently has been dealing with suicide and depression. She got much love and hope from loving fans to help her cope with the problems that she was having after this event. However, some people did not believe Megan. For example, Drake hinted in his song “Circo Loco” that he didn’t believe her accusations against Tory. In the song, he states, “This [explicit] lie ’bout gettin shots but she still a stallion.”

However, now, two years later, Tory was convicted of three charges in total. They were, “assault with a semiautomatic handgun, carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle and discharging a firearm with gross negligence.” He will face 20 (or more) years in jail, and reports say that he could get deported as well. Megan did not attend court, meanwhile, Tory stayed static and stared straight ahead most times at court. Although Tory was silent, it was reported that his dad was yelling and being chaotic in the courtroom. In the courtroom, Megan announced that because of this case, she had lost her confidence, lost her friends, and herself.

Dayna Bognar, a student at Wayne Hills said, “I think Megan deserves so much more than the violence that she went through. I was shocked when it happened and I’m happy that she is getting the justice she deserves.”

Another student at Wayne Hills, Liz Weiss said, “Megan standing up for herself inspired me to stand up for myself. She deserves to be happy and have justice.”

As Megan has gone through so much during the past years, she is now standing up for black women who need to see justice for the violence on them. She knows how many are silenced by the fear of losing their friends and family. Many people are scared to speak out because of the negative response they might get. She wants to help many black women like herself to stand up against the assault and abuse they were put through. Megan stated in an article in the New York Times, “The issue is even more intense for Black women, who struggle against stereotypes and are seen as angry or threatening when we try to stand up for ourselves and our sisters. There’s not much room for passionate advocacy if you are a Black woman.”

Even though all of the hardships that Megan has gone through, she has won many awards and released a lot of new music. She has won six BET Awards, five BET Hip Hop Awards, four American Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, a Billboard Women in Music Award, and three Grammy Awards. She released her newest album, “Traumazine” in August of 2022 with many hits like “Sweetest Pie” featuring Dua Lipa. Despite all these events, she is still a powerful woman in Hip-Hop and the Music industry.