The TikTok Effect on Your Bank Account


By Kaitlyn Nussbaum, Staff Writer

The effect of TikTok has caused products to sell out, and fast. Influencers who many people look up to are frequently the cause of this.

 Alix Earle, a popular TikToker who shows products on her page, has caused her followers to splurge. People refer to this as the “Alix Earle Effect.” Products like the Mielle hair oil are sold out in every store. As well as The drunk elephant bronzing drops and the rare beauty blush in the shade “happy.” Alix Earle is not the only influencer who shows products on their page and advertises for brands and companies. 

However, some people of color have gotten angry for selling out their products, because the mielle hair oil is for black   hair. Asia Milia Ware, writing for The Cut  wrote,  “Thanks to Earle, white women are now trying the oil for themselves. A number of Black women have responded by pointing out that the number of products made specifically for Black women is much more limited compared to what is available to white women, so why use that product if it is not made for you?”  Something Alix Earle has also sold out, is a concealer in a dark shade used as bronzer, again raising accusations of cultural appropriation. 

White Fox has gained many consumers because of tik tok. Other TikTok viral things are also shark slides, The beachwaver, sol de janeiro, laneige, dior lip gloss, stanley cups, mini uggs, and even vests have gone back in style due to tik tok as well. TikTok influencers do hauls, save or splurge, paid promotions, sponsors, and other things. TikTok has created many people to splurge. 44% of TikTok users discover products through ads in their feed.

However, products influencers have motivated you to buy, aren’t always the way they show it online. Let’s hear from people who have bought something because of TikTok and if they regret it or not. 

Ava Czekaj said, “I saw Kylie Skin all over my for you page and it influenced me to buy it. It didn’t seem to work the way people and ads had advertised and it made my skin worse.”

Ava’s purchase in sixth grade is one of the few purchases she regrets. Usually, people are happy with what they get from TikTok. 

Lauryn Freeman said, “I bought telescopic mascara because everyone on tik tok had it and I am happy with my purchase because the mascara works really good and now it is the only mascara I use. However, I also saw a sweatshirt on tik tok in sixth grade and it influenced me to buy it. It scammed me and never came.”

According to SearchengineJournal, 37% of users discover something on TikTok and want to immediately buy it.  35% of tik tok users buy something they see on a platform.