Italy Should Legalize Same-Sex Marriage


By Alyssa Robbins

After the United States legalized same-sex marriage,  many citizens of other countries are speaking out. A countless number of people feel that same-sex marriage should be legal everywhere. It should not matter if a man and man, woman and woman, or man and woman want to get married. In Italy, thousands of people are protesting saying there will be economic repercussions if they do not legalize same-sex marriage.

On Thursday January 28, the Italian senate started to debate legislation that would legalize civil unions, but not same-sex marriage. However, it is hard to tell if the law is going to pass. Italy is the only country in Western Europe that does not support same-sex marriage.

Prior to that, many LGBT+ activists held rallies to protest the government. They were in about 100 cities yelling, “Italy, it’s time to wake up!” There have been polls asking Italian citizens how they feel about same-sex marriage and many approve of it. The Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, is also a strong supporter of same-sex marriage and wants the law to pass, but there are controversies in his government.

Same sex-marriage has been legalized in so many countries; it is time for the Italians to follow suit.