Lantern Club to Host Coffee House Feb. 19

By Alyssa Robbins and Jessica Moore

If you have a passion for drawing, taking pictures, and writing poetry or short fiction, Lantern Club offers a creative outlet.  The club meets every Wednesday at 2:30 where the group discusses a poem, a drawing, or a short story.  Students provide each other with constructive criticism and also give their opinions on the work.

The club’s editors are seniors Heather Heimbach and Grace Kim along with juniors Jessie Hinners and Alyssa Robbins.

“It give students a forum for creativity where they can get immediate feedback as well as encouragement,” says Scott Summers, an English teacher and longtime club advisor.  The Lantern’s magazine is published once yearly at the end of the school year, and Summers sends copies of the magazine to state and national organizations who judge the content.

Members say Lantern overall is a really fun club. It derives its name from the fact that lanterns provide light to see in the dark and in this case, the club allows an audience to see student creativity.  

Student submissions always vary in genre from personal emotions, to science fiction and even the weather.    Each poem and picture submitted is different and unique, according to editors.

The club will host a coffee house on Friday, February 19th at 6:00. Anyone can come and read poetry or show off a picture or drawing.   This is the first coffee house the club has had in over two years, so members are excited.

“The coffee house is really fun,” says Shannon Reilly, senior and club member since freshman year. “I like listening to everyone’s poetry and seeing all of the pictures. It is really relaxing, too.” It is a great way to end the week.