‘Harry Potter’ Actor Robbie Coltrane Dies At Age 72


By Leizl Carlo, Staff Writer

On October 14, Robbie Coltrane, famously known for his role in the “Harry Potter” films died from multiple health complications at the hospital in Larbert, Scotland according to the reports in the New York Times.

Coltrane was best known for his role as the lovable, caring, gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid and, according to the New York times,  also known for a role in which “[he] starred on the British cult crime series ‘Cracker.'”

New York Daily News reports said that the 72-year-old actor suffered from organ failure and on his death certificate it said “[He] had Type 2 diabetes and was diagnosed with obesity, notes that he had sepsis, a lower respiratory tract infection and heart block.”

Although he has passed, his impact on pop culture is everlasting. As previously mentioned, he is most known for his role in the “Harry Potter” series but he initially didn’t intend to pursue a career in acting. According to The New York Times, he told The Herald, “I wanted to paint like the painters who really moved me, who made me want to weep about humanity.”

Instead of pursuing a career as an artist, he reportedly was encouraged by a drama teacher to pursue a career in acting,  The Herald said. He started off as a stand up comedian before eventually landing roles in TV series like “Cracker” (1993-1996) and other movies like “GoldenEye” (1995), a James Bond film before landing a role as the previously mentioned, Rubeus Hagrid. His cast members on the set of Harry Potter, specifically the then children on set, remember him fondly “as someone they could count on to lift their spirits with a joke or a word of encouragement,” according to The New York Times.

Hagrid from Philosopher’s Stone

Although fondly remembered by those who personally knew him, students at Wayne Hills have also felt the impact of his death via his most iconic and beloved character played. Senior Heather Boronow expressed that she felt more surprised than upset at the news of the characters death.

“This large caring character from one of my favorite movies had died,” Boronow said and when asked about how she felt about her childhood character, she continued to express a fondness for him. “[He] was like the friend I always wanted. No matter what happened, he was always there for his friends and protected them to the best of his ability.”

Senior Amy Hecht also had a similar impact to Boronow in the sense that she said, “I love Hagrid’s character, he was always so comforting to me throughout the whole book series…I was really sad when I heard about his death, he seemed like such a friendly and loving guy.”

Coltrane’s portrayal of Hagrid has helped shape and influence young people’s minds in small ways but in the end, when someone passes, all that’s left behind is the pictures and videos. In this case, his movies. People will remember fondly the characters he portrayed, especially his scenes. Boronow and Hecht, while reminiscing, shared their favorite Hagrid scenes as well.

“My favorite scene is the one where he is petting this tiny dragon that proceeds to burn his bread with its breath,” Boronow recalled.

“My favorite Hagrid scene is the one in the second movie where Malfoy calls Hermione a mudblood and then Ron is throwing up slugs and the three kids are sitting in Hagrid’s cabin while he comforts them,” Hecht said.

In the light of his passing, the silly and serious characters Robbie Coltrane over the years will be remembered. And just like his fellow “Harry Potter” cast member that passed away in 2016, Allan Rickman, his legacy will live on not just in our world but a magical one.