Aaron Judge Equals Roger Maris’ Home Run Record


Photo Courtesy of oregonlive.com.

By Ethan Russ, Staff Writer

Aaron Judge has equaled Roger Maris’ record for home runs in one season with a two-run home run against the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday, September 28. After a seven-game streak without a home run, he finally hit his 61st home run of the season.

Twitter exploded after the event and many popular sports news outlets have weighed in on the monumental event. ESPN, one of the biggest in sports news, wrote, “History!! Aaron Judge ties Roger Maris’ all-time AL HR record”.

Aaron Judge has been a power hitter for years, hitting 219 home runs in his MLB career, but this year has been exceptional for him. Despite having tied the record, he still has a few more games to take the record for himself.

After the game, Judge was interviewed following the game in which he hit home run number 61 and stated, “It’s an incredible honor, getting a chance to be associated with one of the Yankee greats, one of baseball’s greats, words can’t describe it. That’s one thing so special about the Yankees organization, is all the guys that came before us and kind of paved the way and played the game the right way, did things the right way, did a lot of great things in this game and getting a chance to be mentioned with those guys now is, I can’t even describe it, it’s an incredible honor that’s for sure.”

Many students at Wayne Hills are big fans of the Yankees and were very excited about Judge’s good form this season. When asked about Aaron Judge’s record-tying performance, freshman Gabe Hammoud said “I think that it’s a very big accomplishment” and “It’d be even bigger if he breaks it.” Hammoud also feels that “he has helped them out a lot this season”.

The Yankees will be playing in the playoffs and they can largely attribute their success to Judge’s great performances. Many baseball fans across the globe will definitely be cheering on Judge to break the long-standing record by the end of the season.