Wayne Hills Buses Arrive to Sports Hours Late


Wayne Hill High school Freshman Volleyball team, 2022-2023

By Emily Caslander

Wayne Hills High School students are standing there, at Wayne Hills High School. Waiting for the buses to arrive. Sometimes sports teams wait for hours at a time.

Wayne Township Public Schools have been suffering from a bus driver shortage for several years, according to NJ.com.

Since the beginning of the school year, buses have been arriving late, sometimes even hours late. This causes much stress for the coaches, students, and parents. There has been a bus driver shortage, they are overworked and tired. But it becomes a hassle to all people at Wayne Hills, to try to find ways around to getting on time to away games. Coaches and students are becoming stressed when arriving late to games. With homework and studying starting to build up, there is becoming little time to accomplish all of these tasks. Teachers are expecting students to get well grades on all of their assignments, but how will we as students do all of this when there is no time?

Karina Bhargava, a freshman gymnast on the Wayne Hills High school team said, “It’s frustrating and annoying since we’re waiting for the bus when it should’ve already been at the other school. It makes me mad how other teams, like the football team, have their bus right away.”

Many student-athletes believe there should be more bus drivers, or maybe even specific bus drivers to transport students who play sports.  Students are becoming frustrated, and annoyed.

Lexie Guevarez, a freshman who is the Wayne Hills color guard said, “The buses are always on time, for the marching band. Although we don’t have a busing issue, I can understand how frustrating it can be for other sports”

Perhaps a change in communication between coaches and bus drivers would help Wayne Hills High School. This has become a problem and should be more communication between the coaches and bus drivers.