Queen Elizabeth’s Death Drastically Affects Sports in England


Photo courtesy of Sky Sports.

By Ethan Russ, Staff Writer

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, the sports world took notice of the tragic event by canceling, postponing, and altering various events the next weekend, September 10 and 11, and throughout the week of September 12-16.

Following the queen’s death, the English and Scottish Football Associations quickly moved to cancel all of the soccer games across the two countries. Fans of the sport have been left a shade annoyed, but were very understanding and respected the decision.

A junior at Wayne Hills High School and avid soccer fan, Adem Ademi said, “This really messed up many of my plans this weekend since I was hoping to watch my favorite team, Manchester United, play.” He followed up this statement by saying, “I really do think it is appropriate to cancel these games since the Queen has been very important to England these past 96 years and to at least cancel and postpone a couple of games shouldn’t be the real issue for many.”

While soccer has been the main sport affected by the queen’s death, it has not been the only one. American boxer Claressa Shields was set to step into the ring last Saturday against British boxer Savannah Marshall. The fight was set to take place in London at The O2 but has now been postponed.

Shields took to Twitter shortly after the postponement saying, “I’m sad about the fight being postponed but I’m a big girl & I understand! The country of the UK has took a huge loss of Queen Elizabeth & the country is mourning, the world is too.”

Though several other sports across the United Kingdom ran on a full schedule last weekend, the deceased queen was kept in the minds of everyone. Countless tributes have been and still are being paid to Queen Elizabeth. From moments of silence before the beginning of games to the numerous statements provided by people involved in sport, her majesty’s death has clearly had a profound effect on and off the field.

The consensus among the people not just under her rule, but across the globe, is that the queen was a great and influential ruler throughout her entire time in charge.