School To Go Virtual on June 7

School To Go Virtual on June 7

By Camilo Sanchez, Staff Writer

It was announced on June 3rd that all Wayne Township Public Schools will be closed for in-person instruction on Election Day, Tuesday, June 7th. This decision has been made out of an abundance of caution due to several reasons.

The recent mass shootings are one of the factors as to why schools will be taught virtually on June 7th. Just under a month ago on May 14, 2022, 10 people were shot and killed at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York. 10 days later 19 students and 2 adults were shot and killed at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, making this the 3rd deadliest school shooting in the United States.

An additional reason as to why schools will not open is because of a New Jersey law signed in January to prevent voter intimidation. This law prohibits police officers from being within 100 feet of a polling location. But, for safety reasons every one of the Wayne schools must have a police presence whenever school is in session.

Social studies teacher at Wayne Hills High school Mr. Hittinger said, “Based on the recently passed NJ law and given the need to have police protection for students in schools, I understand the need to hold school virtually on primary Election Day, and I appreciate that the district takes the safety of students and staff seriously.”

The closure of in person instruction will not affect the senior prom for Wayne Hills.