Will there be a Spike in Covid Cases Again?


By Geena Kim, Staff Writer

It has been a solid two years since the first Covid 19 case was reported in January of 2020. Since then a lot has changed for the better and numbers have definitely went down by a lot; it’s almost like you can say its back to “normal”. The mask mandate is gone in almost all places, 6 feet distancing is unheard of, and every place is reopened to the public.

Recently there have been 4,852 new cases reported in New Jersey, which is nothing compared to where we first started. Most Covid cases, nowadays, are treated like the flu or a fever but it shouldn’t be brushed off the shoulder so easily. On Wednesday May 25, 2022 New Jersey state officials have reported 15 deaths and health experts are beginning to say to keep an eye out for a rise in cases.

The good news is compared to a week ago, cases have been down 2%, but the bad news is that compared to a month ago cases are up 117%. Out of the 71 hospitals in NJ, there has been a reported total of 891 patients checked into 70 of the 71 hospitals due to Covid related ideas. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now lists 10 New Jersey counties with “high” transmission rates.

New Jersey is rated as the seventh most Covid deaths per capita in the U.S, last summer, the state still had the most deaths per capita in the country; let’s hope this summer is nothing like the last. As school comes to an end there were 11,135 Covid 19 cases in both students and staff reported last week.

“I really hope Covid doesn’t affect my summer this year since it kinda sucked last year. Although I think it’s important for everyone to still keep precautionary measures I’m hoping that there is no spike and that everyone can just enjoy a Covid-free summer,” said Riya Kachroo, junior as Wayne Hills.