Inmate Jailed For Murder Escapes With A Corrections Officer


Casey White, 38, charged with capital murder

By Amanda Horn, Staff Writer

In Florence, Alabama, an inmate and correctional officer have allegedly fled together and have still not been found. Casey White is a man charged with capital murder, and Vicky White is a correctional officer at William Donaldson Correctional Facility. These two are not related and are thought to have a physical relationship.

They first met when White was transferred to Lauderdale County to be arraigned on the new murder charges.
Vicky White, 56, helped murderer escape prison

At first, it seemed as if Casey White had attacked Vicky White, stolen her car and kept her as a hostage. But then surveillance was seen, documents of her selling her house were brought up and inmates said that he got special privileges from her like extra food.

It was then that the police considered this a two person getaway. Vicky arranged the various cars, money and plans and successfully completed the escape. Although she didn’t do it all herself. It’s assumed that Casey White helped out with the planning because in November of 2020 he was caught with a shank and an idea of leaving.

Wayne Hills sophomore, Hannah Nussbaum, says “This is such a crazy thing. It’s bizarre to see people help evil people escape their punishment for the things they did wrong.” Vicky White’s colleagues also agree. They cannot understand why she did this.

Police officials believe that the pair have fled to Florida and are currently there. They have more than enough money from Vicky to keep them afloat and enough intelligence to stay under the radar since they were able to escape.

Sanem Furtun, a Wayne Hills sophomore, expresses how scary this would be to live in one of the suspected areas. “I can’t imagine living in the suspected states, Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida, and constantly be worried that the person next to you could be a murder on the loose.”

Since the case went public and it’s been all over social media, many have called in to report the car, but none of them have matched up. Vicky and Casey have probably already switched cars which brings the police back to square one in the investigation.

Another wanted fugitive is Jason Derek Brown, who is wanted for armed robbery and murder in 2004. He was previously part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and even did a mission trip. He also did his mission trip in France because of his French fluency.

Brown is on the FBI’s Most Wanted list because he allegedly shot and killed an armored car guard outside a movie theater and then fled with the money.  Seventeen years later, Brown is still an escaped fugitive and has not been found yet. The FBI has come close, but they have not yet succeeded.