Millennia Winter Guard

By Alyssa Robbins

The WHHS Millennia Winter Guard season officially started. This years theme is 1980’s. The whole team is excited and preparing for their first competition. Everyone is working hard and can’t wait to show off all their hard work. The captains this year are Olivia Vitale and Shayla Nolan. They practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and have competitions Saturday and sometimes Sunday.

The theme of the show changes every year. Last years theme was doll house and all of the guard members dressed up as dolls. They won first place at many competitions. This year is going to be better than ever. Sophomore Tori Andersen says, “It’s improved so much from last year because we’ve gained such a significant amount of new members who give it their all, and who refuse to give up no matter how many times they drop or mess up their counts. Their attitude and work ethic has rubbed off on the rest of the team, overall helping us to improve.” They have new dance moves they are going to do along with new flag and weapon moves. 

The whole guard is like one big family. Most of the members are in Marching Band so they already know each other. There are a lot of new members to who just joined this year who have never done guard before and love it. Andersen continues, “I love winter guard because it gives me something to look forward to, I get to see my friends at practice, and seeing everyone get better. Putting together such a great show is one of the best feelings ever, too.” The guard is on a great path to winning first again. Good luck and have a great season!