Many Nurses Quit After RaDonda Vaught Verdict


RaDonda Vaught After Being Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison

By Ben Friedman, Staff Writer

After a fatal medication mistake, former nurse RaDonda Vaught was convicted and faces 8 years in prison. Many nurses around the country are wondering if they could be next. Everybody including nurses and doctors make mistakes, and many across the world are concerned what can happen if they are next.

One nurse, Emma Moore, quit just four days after the verdict. Moore told NPR news that “It’s not worth the possibility or the likelihood that this will happen.” This will have a long lasting effect on the medical field. Wayne Hills Senior Sarina Ramirez had this to say about the situation. “I think it’s going to make people more hesitant to trust newer doctors and nurses. The overall reputation of doctors and nurses can go down due to mistakes or accidents. These doctors are trained to provide safe and correct care, so when one person in the field makes a mistake, it affects everyone.”

On the other hand, some nurses agree with the conviction. Scott Shelp, a California nurse posted a 26-minute video explaining why Vaught deserves to serve prison time. She said, “we cannot defend the indefensible.” She went on to say he would never make this kind of mistake and “neither would any competent nurse.”

It will be interesting to see what kind of lasting effect this has on the medical industry.