2022 Grammys Recap


By Geena Kim, Staff Writer

The Grammys are the biggest music award show that is held yearly within the first four months of the year. Although the Grammys don’t have the best reputation, people seem to tune in every year to watch their favorite artists perform and win awards. The Grammys are known to recognize spectacular work in the music industry, but it has also been given the nickname “the Scammys”. Since many fans have complained that the voting system goes in favor of top selling records instead of the best records and fan favorites, this has made the Grammys controversial. At the end of the day the music industry’s job is to keep people talking about music and the sole purpose of award shows are for entertainment.

The Big Four awards (album of the year, record of the year, song of the year and best new artist) didn’t seem to spark any controversy and were well thought out.

Album of the Year: “We Are” – Jon Batiste
Many were surprised that Batiste won this category since he was up against pop stars like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and more. Even Batiste looked surprised when they called out his name as the winner. His speech was heartwarming and gave people a wider view on award shows. “I believe this to my core, there is no best musician, best artist, best dancer, best actor,” Batiste said.

Record of the Year: “Leave the Door Open” – Silk Sonic
Silk Sonic, consisting of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, made their debut in 2021 and they were a hit. They were the opening performance, singing their new song 777 which correlated perfectly since the Grammys were held in Las Vegas this year. They were up against artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eillish, and Doja Cat but were still able to win this award, This award was well appointed and given.

Song of the Year: “Leave the Door Open” – Silk Sonic
They also won song of the year, the difference between song and record is simply, record deals with a specific recording of the song and recognizes the artist, producers, and engineers in the making of the song. Song of the year is the composition of a song and appreciates the songwriters. Silk Sonic won 2 categories in the big four.

Best New Artist: Olivia Rodrigo
Mostly everyone was aware that Rodrigo would win this category since she had her debut in 2021 and was the biggest artist last year. This was Rodrigo’s first time at the Grammys and she was nominated for seven artists and won three of them. Many artists don’t win any awards on their first Grammy award show, so this was a new idea for everyone but no one was shocked that she was able to win three out of seven. She also took home the grammy for best pop solo performance, and pop vocal album.

With performances from Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, BTS, and Olivia Rodrigo, this was a great coming back show compared to last year’s covid rendition of the Grammys. Although some artists didn’t attend the show like Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and many others, the public would say this was a successful show compared to the hot mess that occurred at the Oscars last week.