Winter Guard’s Swing Time at the Canteen

By Arianna Chen, Sophomore Editor

The 2016 Winter Guard at WHHS, also known as the Millennials, is gearing up for competitions with their new show, “Swing Time at the Canteen”. This year, their show revolves around a 1940’s and 1950’s style of swing music, as opposed to last years show, “Toy Box Surprise” which was a show about dolls.

Despite many people associating Winter Guard merely with flag twirling, it is actually a rigorous sport that is highly under-appreciated in Wayne Hills. Winter Guard is an unrecognized gem where students learn to manipulate varying pieces of equipment such as the flag, rifle, and saber. Members put together flag and weapon work to align with differing styles and genres of music with which they use to perform and compete with other guards. The program itself is a part of the music department, as Pooja Loka states, “a sport of the arts” because it requires physical strength, precision, and coordination to toss flags, rifles, and sabers along with the music.

Last year, the Millennials obtained a silver medal and second place in their division for their superb performance of “Toy Box Surprise.”

“We have very talented new people this year and we’re now comfortable performing in a higher category, so I think we will do extremely well,” says captain Olivia Vitale.

With captains Shayla Nolan and Olivia Vitale and lieutenants Skyler Radziszewski and Danielle DiNome, the Millennials will without a doubt lead their hardworking guard to a successful year.

The Millennials have a preview of their show on January 17 at West Milford High School. Their first competition is on January 23 at Old Bridge High School. Come support the Millennials there!