Spring Fashion Preview


Alexandra Polk wears Soft Lounge Slip Dress in Taupe. Courtesy of Refinery29.

By Amanda Horn

Every season we get new trends to obsess over, let’s take a look at this years spring fashion trends!

Lizzy Boulos wearing a leather jacket. Courtesy of Amanda Horn

For colder days, donning a leather jacket over your shirt can give you the appearance of a more put together look. A staple piece in any fashionista’s closet is a black leather jacket! But different colors and lengths can be found at many different stores. Pair this with jeans and a sweater and your ready to go. Lizzy Boulos, a Wayne Hills junior, rocks a black leather jacket to school. She says that “leather jackets are becoming a big thing again. I see a lot of people wearing them now and they’re in stores now too.”

Now maybe you won’t see this piece in school, but if your out for a nice dinner, a midi dress is becoming a popular dress style. A dress that hugs your body and flaunts your curves, paired with a modest calf length dress is a perfect, classy choice. This dress style has become popular due to Kim Kardashian’s Skims line. She creates a plethora of different colors and sizes on her website to cater to all different body and skin types

Bella Hadid styles a slicked back bun. Courtesy of Pinterest

Slicked back buns are the “in” hairstyle right now, paired with a claw clip to pin back your locks of hair. This trend has become popular after influencers and models flaunted this hairstyle. To style your hair like this, grab some hair oil, a bristle brush and a clip. First, oil up your hair to nourish it, a popular hair oil is Olaplex N.  7 for color-treated hair. Then, grab your brush and tightly slick back your hair. Finally, twist your hair and secure your claw clip and voila!

To finalize your fantastic look, always add a bag to the mix! To hop on the Y2K trend, buy a vintage bag and wear it either around your wrist or shoulder. A variety of different textures and colors can be found. From leather to polyester, you can find a bag that matches your style and personality.