New York Jets Fund Wayne Valley’s First Female Flag Football Team


By Janae Murray, Staff Writer

On February 10th, Wayne Valley’s female students receive the exciting news that the New York Jets would fund their school’s first female flag football team. Not only this, but the Jets are also offering to fund a female flag football team for Wayne Hills as well next year. “I think that whatever sport a person wants to do, they should be able to do,” says sophomore Charlotte Frisoli.

Some of the students in Wayne Hills are more than ready for this opportunity to come. “If females have a strong passion for it, they should go ahead and play it,” says sophomore Sara Oparaku.

“I’m glad that it’s finally time to add the ladies into the mix of the stereotypical powerful sports,” says sophomore Gia Ciccone.

Flag football is a sport that is played worldwide by both female and male participants. The game was originally founded during WWII, as a way for active personnel to play without getting injured. The rules of flag football are similar to regular football. But instead of tackling, flags were implemented.

The objective of flag football is to get points by running across the goal line to the other side. One great thing about flag football is that the game does not require a lot of equipment to play. As long as you have a football as well as a flag for each player, you’re all set! It also is a playable sport for people of all ages and does not require you to be an athlete beforehand.


“The significance of this first female flag football team is to give girls a chance to enjoy the game of football on the field and to try something really new and exciting coming to schools around New Jersey. This league will give girls the opportunity to have fun with their friends and play the game of football competitively. I am very excited to play this season and I feel that our team will have a lot of potential on the field this year. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to represent my school and my town in this new league! I believe this does translate to a larger initiative because it is another huge break through in Women sports! Female athletes can finally feel comfortable with being out on the football field. People have always known Football to be a male dominant sport, but this new flag football league gives female athletes a chance to experience being on the field and enjoying the competitive games!” says representative senior Vivian Testa from Wayne Valley High School.