Empowerment Club Makes Posters for Black History Month

Empowerment Club Makes Posters for Black History Month

By Jieun Paik, Staff Writer

Black History Month, in the month of February, celebrates and honors Black legacy and history. This year, members of the Empowerment Club created posters showcasing African American leaders. These posters were created to bring more awareness to Black contributions and triumphs.

Some of the people featured on the posters include political leaders such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Other posters are of famous Black musicians like Aretha Franklin and SZA. Some are even of poets, painters, and activists.

“It was so interesting to learn about these important Black figures in American history and their impact, especially because I was learning about people that weren’t being taught in school,” said sophomore Radha Pingle. “My poster on Ida B Wells taught me a lot about the struggles of Black women in the journalism world, which is really cool.”

“My poster, which was on Aretha Franklin, taught me so much about the impact of Black female artists in the music industry. I enjoyed working on it, and I’m excited to see it around the school,” said sophomore Lara Ergen.

They can be found hanging up in various classrooms throughout the school. Students are welcome to show appreciation for Black History Month by viewing the posters. They can also interact with a special QR code, which leads to more information on the person.