Why You Should Take Philosophy


By Jieun Paik, Staff Writer

As students start to sign up for classes, they might not be sure what is the right fit. What is philosophy class? What do students do in that class? Is it the right fit?

The class is taught by Mr. Summers, and is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. If students decide to join, discussions and debates are a common and expected occurrence. The material is taught in a way that is interesting and engaging, even if the topics don’t initially seem that way. The class is a basic introduction to philosophy, which means that everything is taught in bite-sized portions, even for beginners. Even people with prior knowledge in philosophy are able to learn something, as the scale of topics covered are diverse enough to pick up new information.

The units covered in the class range from an exploration of self to introductions to morality. Students are taught that there are no wrong answers to questions, as long as they are able to back up their argument with reason.

But what do students in this class actually think about it?

“I think everyone should take philosophy at one point in their life, because it helps you engage with the world in a different way. It teaches you to question things, and to come up with your own answers to those questions,” said senior Grace O’Neill.

“I like that there’s no correct answer to anything. It’s interesting how people can have different views on one topic, and not one person is wrong,” said senior Jenine Alsouqi.

Mr. Summers, who teaches philosophy, agrees with his students.

“I like teaching it bc I’ve learned so much while doing so. In a way, I’m both a teacher and student. Philosophy challenges me to see the world in different ways, which I think is important,” he said.

Students who enjoy thinking outside of the box and engaging in thoughtful conversations would enjoy this class. But all are welcome to join and learn about the base foundations that make up our world.