Students Are Picking Their Schedules!

Scheduling form for 9-10th graders

Scheduling form for 9-10th graders

By David Valdes, Staff Writer

During the week of February 7, students began going down to the auditorium during their class time to look at a presentation of how they would be scheduling their 2022-23 school year.

They were given forms to fill out with the academic classes they would be taking next year, as well as electives. It was asked that the forms should be handed into the School Counseling office by Monday, 2/14. Even though the forms are handed in that day, that does not mean the classes cannot be switched. Students can talk to their guidance counselors to either lower or higher the level of their academic courses, or change an elective they may not like. There are lots of opportunities and hundreds of classes that students can take. All the different classes make it extremely easy to complete the elective requirements and also give students chances to take study halls if needed.

When asked how they though the scheduling process was going, freshman Timothy Torubarov said, “I think that the electives and the classes that are provided and explained are very intriguing. There are a lot of choices and a lot of classes that I was interested in. Although it isn’t ideal that we only have two real choices for next year, some of the classes offered are really interesting. For me personally, I appreciate the computer programming classes that are offered and a variety of those.”

“Scheduling was kind of hard because I had to pick four out of a lot of choices, and really like two that I actually¬† want to do, but after picking I feel good about my choices,” said freshmen Sophia Flower.